Drawing is thinking, so this is a kind of diary of my thoughts along many years.

I tend to work in series; most works could be described as “variations on themes”. Sometimes these themes are traditional (I like to put my little brick on the big wall), other times I like to explore new paths.

Magic animals

When I want to express some really strong feelings or situations, I often resort to animals, with their primordial life and immense power. Here each animal represents a different sensation, feeling, idea, etc. This series is in progress.


The first image of this series was made to humorously “celebrate” the end of the first, hard lockdown in Spring 2020. The rest of the series was made to exorcise this difficult period of our recent past, and is inspired by ancient apocalyptic paintings and illuminations. The texts are made up in the style of Psalms.

Knight and Monster

… or maybe Saint George and the dragon, Saint Michael and Satan, etc… the never ending fight between Good and Evil. In some images I explore the possibility that these opposite entities – the Hero and the Villain – are two sides of the same person. In others, I try to imagine unusual developments and unexpected outcomes.

Between Chaos and Order

I’m fascinated by the fuzzy boundaries between chaos and order: when order emerges from an apparently chaotic background or, on the contrary, an ordered entity dissolves into the big chaos. Life is a never ending struggle with nothingness.


Wunderkammer (wonder-rooms) were collections of strange and misterious “objects”. Among exotic animals and plants, collectors often placed faked animals, made up by joining pieces of different animals – like chimeras from mythology, but made from real pieces. Here we clearly see two conflicting attitudes: on one side, the desire to take part in Nature’s creativity; on the other side, the cruel indifference we often show towards animals – we use them, we eat them, we literally tear them to pieces. Perhaps genetic engineering will be the next version of this ambiguous relationship.
Made in a difficult period of my life, this series explores different approaches, from cerebral lucubrations to creepy nightmares.

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