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Flying heavy animals

Have you ever felt uneasy or out of place, like you were a big heavy animal floating in the air for some unknown reason? This series tries to explore that feeling with a bit of humour.


A collection of character studies, illustrations, etc.


Wunderkammer (wonder-rooms) were collections of strange and misterious “objects”. Among exotic animals and plants, collectors often placed faked animals, made up by joining pieces of different animals – like chimeras from mythology, but made from real pieces. Here we clearly see two conflicting attitudes: on one side, the desire to take part in Nature’s creativity; on the other side, the cruel indifference we often show towards animals – we use them, we eat them, we literally tear them to pieces. Perhaps genetic engineering will be the next version of this ambiguous relationship.
Made in a difficult period of my life, this series explores different approaches, from cerebral lucubrations to creepy nightmares.

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